Mulled Wine Recipes

Welcome to Mulled Wine Recipe, we hope you find our little website explaining mulled wine recipes and how to make mulled wine useful.

We have added recipes for mulled wine from many different countries and sources, each with their own special ingredients, tastes and aromas.

Mulled spiced wineMost mulled wine, that is heated, spiced wine that usually has citrus fruits added to it, is made using red wine mulled wine recipes, but there are also a small number of white wine mulled wine recipes, or even with fruit juice for those who prefer non-alcoholic mulled wine. Furthermore, if you prefer white wine to red, our Victorian Mulled Wine Recipe may be just the thing for you.

How to Make Mulled Wine

Before you begin making your mulled wine there are some things to bear in mind:

Mulled Wine Recipe1. You do not need to buy an expensive wine for your mulled wine recipe, and in fact some of the wine's subtle flavors may be lost during the heating process. However, NEVER buy really cheap wine, or coooking wine, that you can't stand to drink out of a glass at room temperature. In other words, make sure the wine you buy for your mulled wine recipe is one you like the taste of, otherwise the bad taste will be amplified when you drink your heated mulled wine.

2. Make sure you choose a pan or pot to heat your recipe in that is NOT made from aluminum as it will taint the flavor of your mulled wine.

3. Do not allow your mulled wine recipe to boil, heat it gently so that it doesn't bubble and boil. If you boil your mulled wine recipe all of the alcohol will disappear! Even if you're making non-alcoholic mulled wine you should not boil the recipe as it will spoil the taste.

That's pretty much it for making mulled wine, so long as you follow the above rules and stir gently while heating then keep your mulled wine recipe warm as you serve it to your guests, friends and family you should have a wonderful, warming experience.

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